marble & Granite

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Natural granite & marble are some of the strongest materials for countertops, flooring, wall cladding and more, with the broad color pallette of nature. Even from the same source, no two slabs are alike, ensuring uniqueness to your residential project.


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Edge Treatment

Below are a few of the edge treatments that we offer.

Pencil Edge
Pencil Edge Pencil Edge

5/8" Bevel Edge
5/8 inch Bevel Edge 

1/4" Bevel Edge
1/4 inch Bevel Edge 1/4 inch Bevel Edge

5/8" Round Edge
5/8 inch Round Edge 

3/8" Round Edge
3/8 inch Round Edge 3/8 inch Round Edge

Half Bull Nose
Half Bull Nose 

Full Bull Nose
Full Bull Nose Full Bull Nose

OGEE Edge 

Dupont Edge
Dupont Edge Dupont Edge

Triple Water Fall
Triple Water Fall Triple Water Fall

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Enjoy the timeless beauty of natural granite & marble at your home or business.


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